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Professional Engineering Consultants

Goodheart provides high-quality, cost-effective program management services; site civil and water resources engineering, geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting and engineering, solid and hazardous waste management services, storm water management, permitting, and construction management services for commercial, manufacturing and heavy industrial, utility, transportation, institutional and governmental facilities. 

Mission Statement:


Goodheart’s extensive professional engineering and geographical experience exists to assist clients in achieving their business goals and objectives. Goodheart provides senior engineering and consulting services, as lead engineer or in partnership with other firms. Goodheart is highly responsive, provides superior customer service, and brings energy and enthusiasm to all assignments.


Firm Registrations:

Goodheart & Associates LLC is a Registered Engineering Design Firm in Illinois  (No. 184.008302-0002), Engineering Firm in Texas (No. F-21548), and maintains a Certificate of Authority in Montana (No. PEL-EF-LIC-62290).

Professional Engineering Licenses:

​Mr. Goodheart is a Licensed Professional Engineer in Illinois, Florida, Colorado, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Montana, and Wyoming.

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