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The Foundation for Success

Goodheart’s 45+ years of civil and geotechnical engineering experience includes land and property development, new construction, expansion of existing facilities, and design of civil infrastructure. Goodheart's design services include mass grading and drainage improvements, access roads and site improvements, site utilities, parking areas and pavements, and related site improvements. Goodheart provides innovative, cost-effective solutions and recommendations for a wide range of improvements from project conception through completion. Our civil and geotechnical engineering services include:

  • Geotechnical Engineering

  • Grading & Drainage Plans

  • Stormwater Basins and Storm Sewer Design

  • Parking Lots & Pavements

  • Dams & Reservoirs

  • Design of Earth Structures and Embankments

  • Spillways | Diversion Channels

  • Water and Wastewater Utilities

  • Subsurface Investigations

  • Shallow and Deep Foundation Analyses

  • Foundation Design Recommendations

  • Slope Stability and Seepage Analyses

  • Earthwork Construction

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A Comprehensive Approach

Goodheart brings a strong background of geoscience, environmental and permitting experience to support both simple and complex projects.  Goodheart’s services commence in the planning phase of the project and extend through project completion. Proper characterization of site conditions and obtaining reliable data are critical for project success. We listen to our clients so that we understand their project requirements and then tailor our services to provide creative solutions and recommend-dations that meet the project objectives.  Our environmental and waste management services include:

  • Site Characterization Studies

  • Groundwater & Hydrogeologic Site Investigations

  • Due Diligence Studies

  • Environmental Site Assessments

  • Concept, Preliminary and Final Design Engineering Services

  • Remedial Design and Implementation

  • Landfill Design and Permitting

  • Leachate Management and Treatment

  • Landfill Gas Management

  • Waste Characterization

  • Environmental Permit Preparation

  • Permit Monitoring/Compliance Documentation

  • Construction Quality Assurance

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Managing for the Future

Goodheart's water resources experience includes stormwater management, and design of water and wastewater utilities.  Goodheart analyzes and designs drainage systems, wet utilities, and related site improvements.  Goodheart provides innovative, cost-effective solutions and recommendations for a wide range of improvements from project conception through completion.  Our water resources services include:

  • Design of Stormwater Detention Basins

  • Flood Protection Studies

  • Water Storage Tanks

  • Water Mains and Pipeline Design

  • Sanitary Sewer Design

  • Storm Sewer Design

Your Strategic Partner

Civil and Geotechnical Engineering
Environmental and Waste Management Services
Water Resources
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