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Expert Guidance

Program Management Services


Goodheart’s broad engineering and consulting background includes comprehensive program management, strategic planning, feasibility studies, and pre-construction and construction phase services. Goodheart provides senior program management services, including project controls (cost and schedule), to both public and private clients in the commercial, heavy industrial, utility, transportation, institutional and municipal market sectors. Our program management services include:

  • Project Management and Coordination between stakeholders

  • Multi-discipline Project Management

  • Owner’s Representative Services

  • Strategic Planning Support

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Project Controls (Cost & Schedule)

  • Regulatory Authority Liaison

  • Construction Management and Oversight Services

Senior Project Leadership


Goodheart’s senior project management expertise provides clients with knowledgeable and experienced leadership for the full range of professional engineering services we offer.  Goodheart works with clients to determine what services are required, the most cost-effective way to complete the project, and to assist clients in meeting thier business goals and objectives.  Following is a partial listing of senior project management services provided to commercial, industrial, power generation, petroleum and petrochemical plants and terminals, municipal, and institutional facilities. 


Petroleum Terminals and Refineries, Midwest and Southeast US

Senior Consultant and Project Director for various geotechnical, site civil, and structural engineering work, as well as associated mechanical and electrical engineering services, for several petroleum companies with terminals and refineries in the Midwest, Southeast and Southwest US.


Geotechnical Engineering Services, Nationwide

Senior Consultant, Project Director and Engineer of Record for hundreds of geotechnical investigations throughout the US, including field exploration and laboratory investigation services and development of earthwork, foundation design and geostructural recommendations.  Project work includes various commercial, industrial, transportation, institutional, mining, and waste management projects in more than 30 states and a half dozen countries. 


Environmental Engineering and Consulting Services, Nationwide

Senior Consultant, Project Director and Senior Project Manager for hundreds of environmental engineering and consulting assignments throughout the US, including field investigation services and assessment and evaluation of site conditions, and development and implementation of remedial recommendations.  Project work includes various commercial, industrial, and waste management projects in more than 25 states and several other countries. 


Program Manager for Municipal Facilities, Illinois and Midwest US

Project Director, Senior Project Manager, and Senior Consultant for geotechnical services, design engineering and/or construction of various municipal facilities, including stormwater management facilities, environmental assessment and remediation services, parking lots and garages, water and wastewater utilities, emergency generators, and other miscellaneous assignments.


Amtrak Station Exterior ADA Improvements to 19 Stations, Montana, Idaho, and Washington

Program Manager and Senior Project Engineering Consultant for civil design of non-track station improvements and ADA upgrades at 19 Amtrak stations in three states on Amtrak’s Empire Builder line.  Projects included complete platform reconstruction; engineering and boundary surveying; redesign of concrete platforms with ADA accessible ramps, landings, and walkways; drainage design; handrails, lighting and other appurtenances; design of new handicapped parking places and lighting, and wheelchair lift enclosures; and ADA and station signage.


NAVFAC Naval Base Kitsap Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades, Washington

Program Manager and Senior Project Engineering Consultant for civil design of various base improvement projects, including expansion of existing substations and installation of new generator pads and switch gear.  Design services included geometric design, grading and drainage, hydrology and design of storm water systems and detention basins, design of yard areas, access roadways, and fences.


Senior Living Facilities, Lisle, Illinois

Program Manager and Senior Engineering Consultant for evaluation of options to protect and relocate critical systems and equipment from basement of large, multi-structure senior living facility.  Work involved installation of new sump pump system, installation of new emergency generator, and relocation of primary and backup electrical systems, phone system, nurse call system, fire alarm system, and mechanical systems (boilers, pumps, etc.).  Work was conducted in multiple phases over several years.


Goodheart has been responsible for developing and implementing Quality Assurance and Quality Control programs throughout his professional career.  He brings 45+ years of knowledge and experience to perform quality control review on civil, geotechnical, environmental engineering projects for industrial, manufacturing, power generation, petroleum and petrochemical plants and terminals, commercial, transportation, municipal, and institutional facilities.  Mr. Goodheart's quality assurance and quality control review services check to see that projects are properly engineered, that the plans and specifications reflect the design engineer's intent, and that designs are cost-effective, permittable and buildable.  Following is a partial listing of quality control services provided by Mr. Goodheart for various commercial, industrial, power generation, petroleum and petrochemical plants and terminals, transportation, municipal, and institutional facilities. 

Tank Farm Road and Utilities Relocation, O’Hare Modernization Program, Chicago, Illinois

Senior Consultant and quality control design reviewer for geotechnical investigation performed in conjunction with the relocation of 2.5 miles of Tank Farm Road and the adjacent utility corridor at O’Hare International Airport. The roadway and utility corridor were relocated to the undeveloped space along western perimeter of the airport.  Work including soil borings to evaluate soil conditions and need for undercut, horizontal alignment design, vertical alignment design. Senior Consultant for stormwater management and erosion control design for the relocation of Tank Farm Road and the adjacent utility corridor at O’Hare International Airport.


Inland Terminal, Greer, South Carolina

Senior Consultant and Engineer of Record for design of storm water management facilities, water and wastewater utilities for a $35 million inland port facility in Greer, South Carolina.  Project design includes pavement design, roadway design, site grading and drainage, utilities and track design.  Responsibilities included oversight and technical review of drainage calculations, plan preparation and permitting with Greer Department of Public Works and South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.


Replacement of Two CSX Kentucky Railroad Bridges, Lewisport and Louisville, Kentucky

Senior Consultant for geotechnical investigation and drainage design for 8-span, 100-foot long timber trestle bridge replacement over South Yellow Creek Fork east of Lewisport, Kentucky and 12-span, 200-foot long partial bridge replacement over Pond Creek in Louisville, Kentucky.  New bridge spans were supported on 30-inch diameter steel pipe piles.  Geotechnical investigations included subsurface investigations for each bridge; performing deep foundation analyses and developing site specific design criteria.  Drainage analyses and design included evaluation of existing and proposed conditions.  Performed quality control review of foundation design drawings, erosion and sediment control drawings, specifications, and estimated material quantities.


Waterford Nuclear Power Plant Unit No. 3, Hahnville, Louisiana

Responsible for geotechnical engineering issues and technical quality control of 1,200-foot square excavation adjacent to Mississippi River, ejector system and pumped relief well dewatering system, and earthwork construction. Implemented site soil program, established acceptability criteria for soils‑related work, and reviewed and analyzed quality control data and site instrumentation.


St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant Unit No. 2, Hutchinson Island, Florida

Responsible for geotechnical engineering issues related to braced excavation, dewatering system, backfilling and earthwork construction. Conducted geotechnical analyses and developed and implemented repairs to discharge canal berms due sand boils. Implemented site soil program, established acceptability criteria for soils‑related work, and reviewed and analyzed quality control data and site instrumentation.


Solid Waste Landfill Permit Application Review, LaSalle County, Illinois

Senior Consultant for geotechnical review of landfill permit modification application, including review of global slope stability analyses, material parameters, and landfill cover stability.


Redevelopment of 800-acre Landfill, Meadowlands, New Jersey

Project Manager and Senior Geotechnical Consultant for due diligence and independent quality control review of geotechnical issues associated with acquisition and redevelopment of 800+ contiguous acres of closed landfills. Site plans for redevelopment include comprehensive commercial and residential village, and 27-hole golf course. Work included monitoring ongoing site remediation activities, conducting periodic site visits, and monthly reporting to apprise client of issues pertinent to planned development.


300-Acre Mixed Use Commercial/Residential Development, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Project Manager and Geotechnical Engineer conducting third party review of geotechnical investigation for 300-acre mixed use commercial/residential development in Jebel Ali Village. Development included 9,000 to 12,000 residential units in buildings ranging from 5 to 10 stories, four hotels (4 stories), park and club house, 2,000-student school/mosque (2 stories), mixed use residential/commercial building(s) ranging up to 19 stories, and a 50-story iconic tower.


Mine Subsidence Claim Reviews, Illinois

Senior Consultant for independent review of multiple subsidence damage claims submitted to clients by the Illinois Mine Subsidence Insurance Fund (IMSIF). Provided written or oral opinions to clients regarding whether claim data appeared to be consistent with underground mine subsidence.


Litigation Support, Downers Grove, Illinois

Project Manager and Senior Consultant providing expert technical review of environmental reports and data developed for 14-party lawsuit.  Support involved review and evaluation of technical data and expert reports prepared by IEPA and USEPA as well as other consultants to assess extent and magnitude of contaminated soil and groundwater in large business park.  Contaminants of concern included chlorinated solvents (TCE, PCE, 1,1,1-TCA and breakdown products).  Investigative techniques included soil gas technology as well as conventional methods of soil and groundwater sampling and analysis to detect VOCs, SVOCs and RCRA metals.  Technical support included cost allocation of lawsuit settlement and USEPA RI and Human Health Risk Assessment costs.

Milwaukee Transit Center Demolition Specifications, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

QA/QC Manager for the development of a specification for the demolition of a former transit center.  Oversaw development of specifications which included sections on investigating and remediating the presence of hazardous materials, lead-based paint, asbestos, and underground storage tanks.


Quality Assurance / Quality Control
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